Mats Hurt!

You don’t want a pelt mat on your dog – it hurts!

A mat is a knotting –  a compression of hair. It is usually comprised of shed hair which becomes stuck in the coat. Mats can even weave so tightly it can tear the skin and cut blood circulation off to areas that are affected.

Pets hide discomfort well and you may not realize how much pain they are in when they are matted. We encourage you to groom your pet at home in between appointments to keep your pet healthy and happy.

A dog with a matted coat requires special attention. Since mats form close to the skin, it can be difficult to remove them. We work with the mat and its position to ensure the dog is not harmed. Sometimes the mat will be too close to the surface of the skin. In this case we must shave the mat off. In order to accomplish this without harming the dog, we shave off only a little at a time. This reduces the likelihood of cutting the exposed skin or having it tear.

Matted pets are upset. As a result, a matted pet may become more aggressive. It may shift nervously making it more difficult to cut. Therefore more time is dedicated to the process of grooming a matted pet and a higher price must be charged.

Please do not let your pet’s mats get out of control, the cases like the one pictured are neglectful to your pet’s health and well-being.