Before Your Appointment

Please make sure your dog can not slip his collar. Dogs can easily push our door open and run out on East State Street. The Easy Walk Harness is fantastic.

Think you want a Puppy Cut? The term puppy cut originally referred to a fluffy trim given to Poodles for the show ring before they were old enough to get the classic show dog look, the Continental haircut. Somehow the term has entered pet grooming without a standard definition. Most groomers interpret the term “puppy cut” to mean one length all over on the body, but it doesn’t specify how much length should be left or what to do with the dog’s head, ears, or tail. It could be as short as shaved to the skin or as long as 2 inches or more. No wonder there’s so much confusion!

Earth Friendly Poop Bags available at Friendly Paws, please potty your dog before their appointment.

Before the appointment, you should have a pretty good idea of how much hair you would like left on or taken off your dog. You can check a ruler and pick a length, use your fingers to show a length, or show a picture of a time when your dog looked perfect. You could even bring a picture of another dog you think looks cute, as long as it has a similar coat type and breed to your dog. For instance, if you have a Shih-tzu; we can’t make your dog look like a Yorkie. Make sure when you say what length you are looking for that the groomer understands whether you mean you want that length left on the body or taken off. Never assume the groomer will know what you mean. Too much information is better than not enough.