Lost & Found Info

lost foundArea Contacts and Links: All of these postings are FREE & will help you find pets & owners;

Athens County Dog Shelter, located on Route 13 in Chauncey, 740.593.5415 Please visit the shelter every three days when searching for your lost dog.

Athens Messenger: Call 740-592-6612, extension 231 or 233

The Athens News: email: classified@athensnews.com, fax 592-5695 or call 594-8219

Morgan County Herald (covers parts of Glouster): 740-962-3377

Craig’s List/Lost and Found section: Acct set up is free – www.craigslist.com – choose Athens, OH. Community, Lost/Found.

WXTQ/WATH Pooch Patrol: Listen at 2:20 pm to 970 WATH/WXTQ, Call 740-593-6651 or visit http://wxtq.com/poochpatrol

Nelsonville TV: Email description, Lost/Found, etc to ntvc-office@nelsonvilletv.com  Put Channel 5 in the subject line. You may also take the description to their office located at 1 W Columbus St, Nelsonville, OH 45764.

Facebook pages: Athens County Ohio Lost & Found, Friends of the Shelter Dogs, Athens County Dog Shelter,  Pet FBI Ohio  Lost Dogs Ohio Lost Cats Ohio Lost & Found Cats of Ohio
Please provide complete description.
Example: Lost (Nelsonville, OH): Black female lab with pink collar missing since 6PM on 10/3/14, on Main Street. Please contact 555.555.555 with any information. Attach photo for missing pets but not found pets – see below for more info about found pet’s postings.

Pet FBI -The Lost and Found Pet Information Center.Pet FBI is an all-volunteer, non-profit community service organization.

Helping Lost Pets After you upload a photo of your LOST or FOUND pet, it will generate a flyer for you to print and hang up or pass out.

Lost Dogs Ohio & Lost Cats Ohio shares your lost dog on all the local pet Facebook pages, notifies shelters and police departments and veterinarians that are registered with them.

Lost Pets
If you have lost a pet – flyers all around your area (cats can cover a 2 mile radius easily) are very effective and talk to your neighbors. Photos are important. Use few words and make phone number large so drivers can see it. Use gallon plastic bags to seal flyer if it’s rainy weather. Please remove flyers once your pet is found.

Put something outside your door that smells like you (pj’s you’ve slept in, a t-shirt you have worn); their sense of smell is strong and they are likely to pick up your scent to lead them home. For cats put their litter box outside ASAP.

Give a flyer to your mail carrier and ask him/her to keep a look out for you.

Immediately call the Dog Shelter to report missing.  Ask them to call you, if a dog OR CAT of your description is brought in, remember to leave your phone numbers. Although the dog shelter does not accept cats – in case your cat were to be dropped off after hours or were hit along the road, they should have the information. Take a flyer to the shelter so if someone comes in with your pet they can look for your information.

You should call all of the vets in Athens County. Give them your phone number & tell them to call, if a description of your pet gets brought in as an injured stray or a pet they plan to re-home. Someone in your neighborhood could use a vet in Albany or some other area nearby – so include vets you may not be familiar with.

For cats: Go out walking and calling once it gets quiet (e.g., 10:00 p.m. to 2 a.m.).  Take a few steps, call, stand still & listen for him to answer, repeat these steps while walking in a spiraled out pattern from your house. Cats are very often very close by unless they have been scared off by something.

Lost Pet Professionals This organization lists many helpful hints, they offer phone consultations and they have tracking dogs. This service is likely expensive but may be worth trying.

Found Pets
Check to see if the pet has a microchip at a local vet or at the Athens County Dog Shelter.

Do not offer information about the following either in postings or to callers;

  • Collar or lack of collar
  • Color of collar
  • If the pet has been neutered or not
  • Any distinguishing markings

Make sure to have callers give the above identifying information about the pet before allowing them to see/claim the pet.

If, over time, you think the pet you have found has been abandoned

  • This link offers good resources/information for trying to find the pet new home: http://www.petrescue.com/library.htm
  • Contact the Athens County Humane Society at info@athenshumane.org or 740.592.6047 (voicemail only) to assist you if you are able to serve as a temporary “foster” for cats until a home is found. Cat MUST have been advertised as found for a minimum of three days before ACHS can assist.