HIRING: Dog Behaviorist/Trainer

We get requests at the shop every day for dog and even cat training. Therefore, we are looking for someone who shares our mission to provide dogs with positive reinforcement training; to hold classes at the shop again.

We are looking for someone in the Athens, OH area who may have a background in working with zoo or marine animals, birds or other instances of positive reinforcement training in addition to dogs; to obtain wanted behavior. IAABC or APDT membership required.

If you do not have IAABC and are interested in an eight week mentorship with local expert Sarah Filipiak please visit https://m.iaabc.org/courses/beginning-behavior-consulting/

Experience we are looking for:
• Operant conditioning
• Positive reinforcement
• Hand signals and/or clicker training
• Voice commands
• Reward systems

Trainer will use the above techniques to teach new or improved behavior to puppies and adults. They will also examine the progress of the dog and advise owners on how best to reinforce these teaching methods at home. They may also need to provide the owner with additional exercises to be undertaken away from the dog training sessions. Dog trainers will need to be sensitive to the needs of the owner and be able to make them aware of the important role they play in the ongoing training of their dog. They should be available to the clients by email between classes to offer basic feedback or answer simple questions. Therefore, internet access is needed.

Certifications a plus. Internships or working with another experienced trainer may suffice. References from instructors and clients required. Nights and weekends (Sundays) will be required due to client schedules and the shop schedule. This position will not recommend, endorse or utilize tools which are known to gain punishment-based compliance (ie: prong, choke or shock collars).

Pay is dependent upon experience and clients served. Will likely be a commission-based pay as a W2 employee. Must hold a minimum of two 50 min. classes per week if there is client demand (approximately 8 dogs total). Must also be available to teach during the summer months. If interested, please submit a resume and inquiry to friendlypawspets@gmail.com to set up a meeting.

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