2016 staff with Tiff

Top: Tiffany, Claire, Feisty, Nina, Shelley & Stretch Bottom: Savannah, Allie, Emily & Adoptable Roxy

Hello from our friendly staff – make sure to stop by with your pets to say “Hi”!

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Groom Appointment Openings!

Our grooming is fully staffed again and appointments are available usually within one -two weeks of calling to book an appointment. Our experienced groomers Savannah and Emily are here to help your dog get pampered. They love your pets like their own and treat them with kindness.

Walk-in Nail trim schedule: Mondays; 10am-2PM, Tue-Friday; 10am-2:30pm & 3pm-6pm, Saturdays 10:15am-4:30pm. There may be times a groomer is ill or out for some unforeseen circumstance.

Call us at 740-593-5125 to book your groom appointment. Please give 48 hours notice if cancelling an appointment.

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Rate your Pet Food/Recall Notifications

Click here.

Click here.

Have you signed up to get email notifications about recalls for your pet food? Dog Food Advisor and Truth About Pet Food are valuable resources. Visit these websites and sign up. While you are there, check out how your pet food rates. If you don’t buy it at Friendly Paws, you may be surprised by what you find.

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In Case You Haven’t Heard…

we love puppies

We will never sell ANY live animal for profit. All pets who come from chain pet stores are coming from unsavory conditions and dealers. Use your voice, don’t shop in chains who support misery. Looking for a cat or dog? Adopt through http://www.petfinder.com. Looking for fish or a pocket pet? Our local pet shop Fish N’ Stuff is an ethical shop which carries reptiles and fish. We love Athens because Athens loves LOCALLY OWNED!

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What Are You Feeding Your Pet?

Beneful – such a pretty bag! Look at all those veggies and meats! And the price, you would think you are feeding your dog a good-for-him diet right? Unfortunately you would be wrong. Most grocery store foods are not made from quality ingredients. Feed your pets better for LESS at Friendly Paws!

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Overnight Pet Sitting in Your Home


Did you know we offer pet sitting and dog walking services? We have now added a new sitter who will spend the night in your home – what could be better? No kenneling! Book ahead as we have limited availability. We also offer farm care services, call for information and an estimate.

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We Can Get Anything!

Don’t see what you need in the store? We bet we can order it for you and get it for you quickly. Just ask! We also order in 30lb+ bags of dog food every single week – get on our special order list and never have to worry – we get you on a schedule and your food comes in for you when you need it. Give us a shout at 740.593.5125

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